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Most PCs use a mechanical Hard Drive that is almost certain to fail in a hot, rural, dust ridden environment. Fans suck in dust which lays on the motherboard, slowly overheating and damaging the components.

Delta PCs provide the answer with rugged, fan-less, no moving parts PCs built to withstand the environments where normal PCs fail.

Normal PCs or laptops use around 100 plus watts, ours use less that 15 watts under normal operation and are completely silent!

Perfect for small renewable energy systems in any environment, and also when used on grid power, with such ultra low power use, the cost savings in energy bills are considerable.

Schools in the UK that are using ultra low powered PCs report savings in the £1000's over a school year. Exuding no heat and their silent operation means they are perfectly suited to any situation.  

A typical solar classroom with 11 PCs (one acting as a server and teachers machine). Solar panels either roof or ground mounted, power the PCs, monitors and LED lighting. For an example of this, see the project report for Sahala in Ethiopia.

Delta PCs are almost completely customisable with regard to unit overall size, options for dual core, quad core, i3, i5 and i7 processors, and any amount of RAM and Internal memory of your choosing can be installed, please do get in touch for more details and pricing for your own custom PC. 

We also build custom full tower PCs for Gaming, Legacy applications and other unique areas. Along with stock machines that we have spec'd ourselves working with trusted manufacturers.

Ultra Low Power - Super high speed


 As powerful as your desktop but a low power, solid state PC. And not only that, a completely fanless PC 

Totally Customisable, Even Down To The Colour!


Processor, RAM, memory, colour...... you name it.