Let us help you create your own custom gaming pc

Custom Gaming PC

The Gaming PC world has become a huge market in recent years both in individual loaded games and especially online play.

Here at Delta we recognise that everyone's needs are different whether we are talking about performance, graphics output or even budget, so we felt that putting together a service for gamers that allows them to choose exactly what they want inside their custom built gaming PC was a must for true enthusiasts and also people who need a little bit of guidance to get the performance they want when playing a game..

The price of parts for gaming PCs changes daily! Which is why we don't have exact parts and prices listed in the below configurator, this allows us to give you the highest possible spec and lowest possible price each day for your PC.

So, if this is a something you would like us to do with you then please fill in the configurator below and let's get going! We will always get back to you within 24 hours of your configurator submission....

PC Configurator

Fill in the below fields as with as much detail as you can and we will contact you with a spec & price for your very own custom gaming PC!