PC Upgrade, repair & Refurbishment Services

Hardware Upgrades


Asking a lot from your current PCs or laptops spec?

It maybe time for a change of hardware to suit your new requirements. with some PC upgrades

What we can change:

· Ram upgrade 4/8/16GB

· Replace/upgrade Hard drive with larger drive, keeping Windows/Mac licence

· Speed up loading times with Solid State Drive upgrade

Performance Upgrades/Refirbishment


Screen not working? Keyboard/touch pad on your laptop given up the ghost? Or maybe the darn thing just won't turn on!

Rebuild your machine with new parts instead of buying a new machine.

Services Include:

· Hard drive replacement 

· Picture and document recovery (where possible)

· Clean, replace battery, replace keyboards

· Screen replacement

· Casing/chassis replacement 

· Virus Protection Services

House Keeping/Recovery



PC Running slow? Turn on and make a cuppa while your machine loads? Slow internet?

We can make your machine run just like new and speed it up to where you want it to be.


· Cache clearance

· Useless file removal

· Virus removal

· Speed up your web experience

· Proper housekeeping tutorials.